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History of Basement Conversions

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The basement is the lowest level of a building and is usually, but not always fully below ground. Throughout the centuries architects have always seen the potential in making basements both habitable and functional, in fact you only need look at some of our earliest churches to find a basement, known as the under-croft and was used for storage and burial purposes.

Basements generally relate more to human service functions in earlier buildings than to mechanical services in more recent eras. Before the first world war houses had deep foundations to ensure structural stability and as a by-product a basement was created, this was ideal for domestic staff to use as living quarters, however, after the war the need for accommodation in basements was considerably reduced as less people entered domestic service. There was a greater demand for more homes and cheaper housing developments were built in suburbs where land had been released, this was facilitated by the vast improvements of the transport infrastructure.

Today we've come round full circle, land is now much more expensive and in short supply, so people are now maximising all available space within their homes. Converting your basement to habitable space is now a very viable and cost effective solution.

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